Enjoy your outdoor riding arena all year round

What is every riders wish?
An all season using of an outdoor riding arena!

What is better than riding in the fresh air?

But every rider will have experienced outdoor riding arena problems:
The sandy soils do not withstand any type of weather.
In spring and fall the arena is flooded, in summer it is dusty, and in winter it is frozen.
Even a mix riding surface made from sand and textile material built up on an expensive drainage base does not improve the situation – quite apart from the fact that this surface is very costly, intensive care and constant disposing of horse droppings complicate a long-term use. Until now!

The innovation: A riding surface made from carpet flakes.

Bodo Klopsch, the inventor of the famous SwingGround system offers the perfect alternative and allows you to use the outdoor riding arena all year round: With a riding surface made of environmentally compatible synthetics (more precisely: polypropylene): ASground - the „All Season Riding Ground“.

Worry-free riding on the all-weather riding arena throughout the year.
Read our customers' experience with the innovative outdoor riding arena covering.

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