How you benefit

In addition to the full-year using of the arena, the less maintenance of ASground also needs to be emphasized because it makes it permanently cheaper than sand deposits or other mixtures.

Dust-free and elastic in the strongest heat.
No puddling and always rideable.
Even in the dead winter it remains elastic.
Usable in extremely hot and cold conditions.


Moreover horses’ tendons and joints are protected by the good impulsion of the elastic ASground covering.

ASground ® riding arena surface – long-lasting, low-priced, low-maintenance

Benefits at a glance

  • All season riding guaranteed
  • No puddles
  • No dust
  • Can be used even with frost and light snow
  • Reasonable costs of purchase
  • In the long term cheaper than sand or mixed arenas
  • Durable material, no disposal required
  • Very little maintenance: no leveling off, no watering, no removal of droppings
  • Elastic surface results in more impulsion
  • Gentle on tendons and joints
  • The hooves stay dry and clean
  • No sprinkler systems or leveling equipment required 

„From my point of view, our ASground® has only one drawback”,
Bodo Klopsch comments and grins: “It does not wear out.”


Once an ASground® has been built up properly it requires hardly any maintenance. Thanks to the intertwined fibers ASground® keeps its shape like a carpet – no need for the everyday grading and watering procedures a sand arena requires. This saves not only money on the equipment you don’t have to buy, but also saves a lot of time.

The all-weather riding arena of fleece chaff also has advantages in summer

ASground has the function of a reservoir. It absorbs natural moisture and stores it in long dry periods.
Disposing of horse droppings is recommended by an average use of the fleece chaff all-weather riding arena (up to 10 horses / day), but actually not really necessary.
The microorganisms which live in the aerobic, oxygen-containing structure ensure that the natural apples are decomposed.

It does not only make less work, it also does not have to be renewed.

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