An ASground® all-season riding arena is a one-time investment, costs are transparent and clear:

Treading layer

ASground® costs 10.50 € (plus VAT, if applicable) per square meter.

We recommend a 7 inch layer (the above mentioned price refers to this height of pile). This bulk compacts during use to a 4 inch layer.

An 800 square meter riding arena would cost 800 x 10.5 € = 8,400.- € (plus VAT, if applicable).

Our carrier currently charges 1.65 € per driven kilometer (to and fro).  A single load is 620 square meters maximum.
Currently we have factories at Osnabrück, Regensburg, and Schwandorf. However, we will expand in order to cut distances travelled.

Example: Transport from Osnabrück in the metropolitan area London: 1,300 €.

These are one-time costs, since an ASground® neither rots away nor degrades with use. There are no operating costs caused by regular change of the top layer!

Depending on how intensively the riding arena is used, refilling of some 20 percent of the flakes is recommended after about ten years in order to ensure full elasticity of the material.


There is no disposal in the conventional sense as the ASground® material simply doesn’t wear out. This question arises only if you give up riding, and it can be answered easily:  sell it or give it back to us! Even after many years of service ASground® still is fully operational.
 Please compare for yourself the one-time and current costs of an ASground® vs. a sand riding arena.

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