Customer reviews about the new riding area covering

Dear Mr. Klopsch, ASground is simply sensational. We have this ground since half a year now and it can withstand any amount of water from above without forming a single puddle - whether there is downpour or continuous rain. In winter I honestly was a little skeptical. Now we already have frost and snow for weeks and it is still easy to ride every day. You could almost think "the worse the weather the better the place" - if that is even possible ;-)
Tina Dresia, Alexanderhof, Gruiten

The WME-Team says thank you.

This carpet snippet covering is simply super. Please send me  250m ² more for my Roundpan. 
Mr. Henri Lemmer, Manége op de Scheiferei, Burglinster, Luxemburg

The riding arena covering satisfied my expectations more than I ever thought.

I wanted the optimum for my new facility in regard to riding arena covering. Moreover you can ride on the surface all year long. With ASground this is well managed. The horses are much faster and have much more momentum and charisma. Special praise deserves the expert advice and support provided by Mr. Klopsch. 
Ms. Andrea Klein, Arabergestüt EL Kadir in Spiesen-Elversberg

Although I just have an outdoor space, I can always exercise due to the great covering. This has already helped me a lot with my championship.
Ms. Uta Gräf, Rothenkircherhof, Kirchheimbolanden

Asground is the best material on which I have ever ridden!
Carolin Hatlapa,Three-time dressage Olympian

 Thank you Mr. Klopsch. You have saved me. My adjuster could ride all winter on the ASground surface. Even the immense rain of recent weeks never left a puddle, the place has always been awesome.
Ms.Bettina Strohm. Schopflocher Hof in Engen

Our tournament participants were very pleased with the "carpet surface" and wanted the M-dressage on this surface in the next year again.
Family Bohn, riding club Röhrsdorf

… We could ride on it the whole winter season; unbelievable.
Fam. Albrecht, Bünde

We are so happy with ASground! The adjusters are always happy when they go to the surface. Even the horses look like they are happy about it. The riding arena surface has all the things you promised. The winter times do not bother us any more. I also want to thank you again for your advice. And what you did not mention: The horses are clean after riding. I have more time for riding because I need less time to clean the horses.
Ms Christa Fader, stable Hohenneuffen Neuffen  

Immediately after the completion and anticipation for the opening of our new location, it started raining and lasted almost continuous. You could not think of riding and so we stood there - without horses - armed with raincoats - proud of our new place. Even then it was clear: It was the right decision! You could not discover a hint of a puddle! When there was no rain the horses were allowed to enjoy ASground for the first time. It is like they walk on clouds! Even as a human you do not want to leave this place! At this point, once again thank you very much for the unproblematic and reliable business transactions. You and your ASground keep what you promise.

Gitte Toppke and Marc Rheker, Marienmünster

I also want to thank you in the name of my adjuster. The horses worked on ASground despite of 25 inches of snow Square. It has passed the test in a high level.

Mr. F. Willers,  Seesen-Bilderlahe

We first equipped our Round pen to test the surface. It quickly became clear that our horses ran much better on this surface and developed more impulsion. We spontaneously decided to equip our dressage arena with this great riding floor covering. Our hall has been hardly used since then... ;-)
Family Dr. König, Velbert

Since  we have our new riding surface from ASground our horses move more flexible. Even our "problem child" with hip cancer runs on clouds. Our neighbors also rejoice with us - they have significantly less dust on their windows!
Family Jende, Tangstedt

Dear Mr. Klopsch, we are just happy! The horses run optimally on ASground and the girls are happy to be able to ride in all weather conditions.Especially the constant possibility of riding is extremely important for my practice. 
Ms. Kristina Sperling, physiotherapy, Leipzig

... My skepticism drained to enthusiasm. Now I can work with my youngsters with no regard of the weather, which even worked during heavy frost.
Ms. A. Schöning, Freigut Garsena in Könnern

Hello Mr. Klopsch. We are very pleased with the riding arena covering ASground and do not regret our decision in any way.
Ellen and Michael von den Driesch, Kerpen/La Batie Südfrankreich

Finally my adjusters are satisfied!
Mr. Walter Kaufmann, Innerer Tahlhof 9, in Tuttlingen

The best on which I have ever ridden!!
Ms. Antje Fiege, Adelebsen

In 2002 I got my riding arena equipped with this material.It was really punished by the use and weather. After eight years now, it needed a replenishment. And I have found out that the new ASground material improved significantly in structure and appearance compared to the old one. I really like ASground!!
Mr. Fritz Wolf, Wolfhof, Schönaich

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