How do I proceed with the construction of an ASground®?

Usually our customers make their own arrangements for the groundwork with local suppliers or on their own. We just supply our treading layer at a fixed price. However, if you wish we will be glad to support and advise you during the planning and preparation phase as well.

Who can give me advice and help with the construction of an ASground® riding arena?

Of course, Mr. Bodo Klopsch is always available for any advice. His long-term experience in constructing riding arenas enables him to help you find the optimum solution for your perfect personal ASground® riding arena.

He will be happy to come to your site and check the situation, evaluate materials and support you with administrative matters and negotiations with civil engineers.

Can I use my old sand riding arena as a base or do I have to remove it before?

This depends on the sand quality and on the kind of substructure underneath. We will be happy to come to your site, assess the problem and find a solution.

Isn‘t ASground® harmful to the environment and how can I dispose of it?

ASground® is non-toxic, hence there is no need for environmental concerns. The material is completely harmless according to the German Drinking Water Law and the German Soil Purity regulations. Even under the toughest conditions ASground® easily meets all regulations. On request we will be happy to send you the relevant documents. Theoretically you could dispose of ASground® with your household waste or through incineration. However, on the one hand this material is much too precious, on the other hand disposal costs are much too high.

If you move away, just take your ASground® with you.

If you give up riding, sell your ASground®. On request you may return your ASground® to us, or we will be glad to assist you in finding a customer.

Which kinds of horseriding can I perform in an ASground® riding arena?

Our high-quality riding surface offers you the opportunity for all styles of riding.  ASground® takes the ambitious rider to new heights. Western style sliding stops and spins are the only lessons ASground® is not suitable for, since the mat structure of the upper layer may be destroyed.

How long lasts an ASground® riding arena?

We cannot answer this question right now. The first ASground® riding arena was built in 1994 for the inventor’s daughter, Natascha Klopsch – and she is still riding in this arena. The surface hasn’t deteriorated at all!

Depending on how intensively the riding surface is used it is recommended to refill some 20% of the flakes after about ten years in order to regain the full elasticity of the surface.

What is the perfect edge around an ASground® riding arena?

We recommend a minimum of 1 ft for the edge in order that the horses don’t kick out the flakes. Horseman Bodo Klopsch recommends an earth wall on the gravel. This edge prevents injuries to horse and rider. If you build up the earth wall not on, but next to the gravel, water cannot drain away.

Do I have to apply for a building permission when I want to have an ASground® riding arena?

The need to apply for building permission has nothing to do with the tread layer material. There are regional differences as to whether or not outdoor riding arenas are subject to approval or notification. We recommend you to contact your local mayor and discuss your plans. Usually that ensures speedy and effective processing.

Can you supply ASground® in my favorite color?

Of course we can – as long as your favorite color is light gray.

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